The Amazon Archive- a Collaboration with Hana Bushyhead & Mary Begley

August 2019 saw more fires in the Amazon rainforest than any other month on record.

The Amazon became less a physical place than the territoriality of global sustainability, performing a new agenda of care.

The trans amazonian highway network presents itself in satellite imagery in what is known as fishbone development. At this scale, the terrain matters less than it’s connectedness to the rest of the world. 

Biomes and anthromes are a navigation metric that identify the convergence of anthropogenic, biological, riparian, and geographic boundaries.

Cyclical, anthopogenic activity is tied to climate. Burning in the dry season, growing in the rain, avoiding travel in monsoon.

Our proposal oscillates between acting earnestly, being utopian, and offering critique. The Amazonian Archive pauses the cycle of anthropogenic and ecologic changes. It saves the Amazon, not for re-generating later, but to share knowledge.

The Amazon Archive- a Collaboration with Hana Bushyhead & Mary Begley
Fall 2019 -Design Studio with Vahan Misakyan

Modular Passive House

Prefabricated modules are assembled on a raised platform. Land leased from the Bureau of Land Management allows homeowners to own their home and lease their land. 

Climate adaptive strategies like cooling towers, sun-adjusted roof angles, integrated rainwater collection, and raised piers make this home suitable for the desert.

Modular Passive House
Spring 2019 -  Passive Design Studio with Christine Albertsson

Positioned uniquely in a National Park, and in relation to the nearby Mill City Museum in Minneapolis, the Science Museum in St. Paul, the St. Anthony Falls are poised to reimagine and share a storied nature and history.

Fall 2018 - St. Anthony Falls Lock & Dam Studio with Bob Ganser

Understanding the geological, geopolitical, and infrastructural realities of petroleum in the Bakken. Interact with the layers of planar data to see relationships between geology and horizontal drilling, railways and refineries, wells and protected land, oil shale production and Strategic Petroleum Reserve salt caverns.